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Outstanding Greeks of Ukraine

The biographies of the honored Greeks of Ukraine
(information reference material)

Project Manager and responsible for the issue the chairman FGSU – Protsenko-Pichadzhi Aleksandra Ivanovna
The editor and the composer The editor and the composer – Kosse Nikolay Sergeyevich
The literary Editor Papush Anastasia Dmitrievna


The book presents the Ukrainian Greek gallery, who have risen under a sacred flag of serving the people, who have made a significant contribution in various spheres of ability to live of the country, revival and development of Hellenism by their patriotism, work and talent.

Heroes of the book - the Greeks who have special merits before the state and the people. Their life biographies are not only interesting and enthralling but also informative, because they reflect the unique look of epoch, the original destiny of Greeks and the most vivid their representatives.

The acquaintance of readers with the names and glorious affairs of cohort of the honored Greeks of Ukraine will promote preservation of historical memory and national consciousness, cognition and reverence of the past, without which the people have no future.


From the originator



Chronicle of life of Ukrainian hellenes keeps known and forgotten names, shows that people of these names have made and are making a significant contribution to social and political, socio-economic and spiritual development polyethnic Ukraine. By their glorious names and great achievements the Greeks have proved to be a bright decoration of the multinational Ukrainian palette. They are a living expression of invincible Greek soul, the personification of unquenchable hopes and they are memory keepers of unforgettable national shrines. But time passes, many people go away to nonexistence, universal human spiritual and moral values change, history and merits of heroes of the time is variously interpreted.

The noble objective of this publication is to revive and keep in memory of descendants the brightest names and glorious matters of distinguished fellows and on their example to demonstrate vital force of the Greek spirit, creative potential, patriotism, talent and industriousness of Greeks. It is extraordinarily important, to understand and know the real picture of events on the example of biographies of concrete people who have achieved impressing successes and who are a spiritual, moral guidance of the time. After all we live in the epoch of changes, when history is written and interpreted on the basis of a political conjuncture.

There is a heroic and drama destiny of our ancestors and contemporaries in the presented material, a hymn to their feat and merits before Homeland and Greek people.

The life of every person is unique, original, it is a dear and powerful page in the chronicles of the people. But the project (under the decision of Congress FGSU from 1.12.2007) provided biography of the Greeks with special merits in the development of science, culture, politics, economics, education, medicine, military science, sports and other spheres of life since the resettlement of Greeks from the Crimea in the Azov to todays.

The idea inspired by the socially-significant, but unfortunately, politized and contradictory project «Great Ukrainians», which took place in the country in 2008.

Organizers understand that not everyone will be content with the project, not only because all wishing and worthy will not become its heroes, but because the interpretation of the outstanding merits of the person very subjective. Anticipating the surprise at the absence in the book of many distinguished names, we explain that by public initiative of the project, availability in the literature a number of biographies of famous Greeks, the insufficiency of factual material about heroes and also by indifferent attitude towards the project's idea of selected chairmen of Greek societies and direct applicants, their associates and relatives.

In order to realise the project fully and objectively, Congress FGSU approved the criteria on which the selection of its participants was produced on. These criteria are developed on the basis of the Law of Ukraine, defining the pension- extra charges for special merits before Ukraine, where the list of such merits is specified, as well as on the experience of the project «Great Ukrainians» (which analogues were in many countries around the world) and the specificity of the Greek social movement. They were formed as follows:

  • 1) the existence of universally state merits (including for figures 1778-1917)
    1. persons who have an academic degree and rank
    2. deputies of local Boards of 4 or more convocations
    3. National deputies of Ukraine of 2 and more convocations
    4. members of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and former USSR
    5. persons who have the state awards of the former USSR or Ukraine (not less than two awards)
    6. persons noted by state bonuses of the former USSR or Ukraine
    7. persons noted by honorary titles of the former USSR or Ukraine
    8. mothers-heroines
    9. sportsmen: sport masters - champions of Ukraine, former USSR, Europe, the world, Olympic Games
    10. officers and generals (from a colonel) who got a rank in peaceful and wartime and were awarded by no less than one order of former USSR or the Ukraine
    11. members of the National unions of creative figures
    12. veterans and devotees of national movement, who are members of the Greek societies not less of 10 years, who made a significant contribution to development of Hellenism in Ukraine and noted by awards, including Letters, diplomas of central government bodies of Ukraine, Greece, etc.
  • 2) maintainance of Greek nationality, consciousness and spirituality
  • 3) active participation in a public life, the powerful real contribution to development of concrete spheres of ability to live of Greeks and Hellenism in Ukraine
  • 4) conformity to the general criteria in definition of «Great Ukrainians»: morality, generosity, love of freedom, mind, courage

Besides, the biography of outstanding Greeks based on existing public information about them in the writings of S. Mazarati, V. Tamazov, N. Tomazova, L. Yarutskyy, I. Papush, D. Chitlov, F. Kessidi, F. Muratidi, K. Balabanov, researchers and regional specialists N. Adzhavenko, E.Kuzminskaya-Polihronidi, A. Protsenko, E. Uzbek, etc.

Special gratitude to the chairmen and activists of Greek societies, owing to their diligence and work a rich and interesting material about Greeks who with faith and truth served and serves to Homeland and the people are collected. These are I.D.Nagaj – Berdyansk, E.G.Prodan, T.D.Patricha, G.V.Chumak – Donetsk, L.V.Samohina – Gorlovka, N.I.Sarbash - Kramatorsk, V.I.Pomazan, V.G.Efremenko, O.K.Hadzhinova – Mariupol, V.G.Makropulo – Melitopol, N.A.Zdor – Slavyansk, L.I.Priplavko – Nezhin, V.G. Simvulidi, E.G.Kuzminskaja-Polihronidi, I.V.Goloborodko – Odessa, G.I.Tohtar, L.A.Chausova, A.D.Frenkel – Kharkov, A.V.Vojtenko, T.J.Kotenzhi – Hartsyzsk, T.F. Muravyova – Evpatoria, F.S.Majshmaz, V.V.Pisavva, G.A.Animitsa – Volodarsky district, V.P.Afendikova – Velikonovoselkovsky district, D.S.Almanov, D.P.Sagirov – Dnepropetrovsk region, G.F.Haladzhi - Zaporozhye region, T.G.Uljura, I.G.Popova, V.I.Chelpan, E.P.Kotendzhi – Pershotravnevyj region, E.N.Patraj, E.D.Balabanov – Starobeshevo district, K.S.Kurkchi, N.M.Lago – settlement Sartana, A.D.Patricha — the director of Children and Youth Sports School, V.P.Lapina – Rozovsky district, K.I.Havana – settlement Staroignatevka, I.T.Arakeljan – settlement Stary Crimea.

The presented material is not exhaust the gallery of the deserved Ukrainian Greeks, but it gives a fairly solid idea of their significant contribution in various spheres of life of Ukraine, that is confirmed by assessing the state bodies of Ukraine and Greece.

It's possibly to eliminate a blank in the biography of outstanding Greeks and it's necessary in the subsequent activity of FGSU.

Despite a long and painful process of birth of this book, its drafters satisfied with the results of hard work. The collected material offers the general wide public, a number of new names along with the known one, by lives and achievements of which descendants can and must be proud of. Their special merits are evidence that the Greeks, in spite of the harsh vicissitudes of fate saved in themselves more than it could be assumed from the genofund of their great ancestors. From here there is the responsibility assigned on modern Hellenes, for the further preservation and development of the Greek ethnos, its history and spiritual values.

Organizers of the project and the composer of the book express the sincere gratitude to all participants who have assisted in collection of a valuable material and the edition «Biographies of the distinguished Greeks of Ukraine».

N.S.Kosse – Executive Secretary of FGSOU



Reference of Aleksandra Protsenko-Pichadzhi A.


Dear reader!

«… Among the unknown in nature around us time is the most unknown, because nobody knows what is time and how to manage it», - the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote. The only thing that is subject, to us, to contemporaries - it is it's light, and in some cases - rethinking. Nearly millennium divided the work «Comparative biographies of famous Greeks» by Plutarch and this book, and the idea pulls them together. Cities and entire states arose up and disappeared during this time, the philosophical systems and social order, styles and presentations were replaced. But the only one was invariable - the human factor, prominent charismatic personalities who had been nominated by their era and influenced the course of history, science and culture.

Without applying at all laurels of Plutarh, the authors of the book tried to inform the idea of steadfastness of the Greek spirit, to open the wide public the names of people who have special merits before the state and the Greek people, to show the state of modern national elite in a dynamics. Etymologically word «elite» means «collection of the best». Do not «top», not «the supreme society», and «the best». The compilers of the book investigated and generalized more than 200 biographies of Greeks of Ukraine since the resettlement of Greeks from the Crimea in the Azov and until the present day, based on the fact that in every community there are always a small number of people who have influence owing to professional qualities, occupied positions. This project is based on open sources of information, publications in a press, as well as on assessments of experts and it is part of a compilation. It is variously possible to evaluate the produced material, but there is no doubt that it is sufficiently complete, objective, reflects human nature and features of a historical epoch, it supports the educational and cognitive loads in a certain extent. Many readers, especially young generation, will open for themselves the new names, will feel time movement, history movement.

All participants of the project: chairmen and activists of the Greek societies, historians, researchers and regional specialists led by the initiator and the main composer Nikolay Kosse made the worthy contribution to restoration and preservation of many nice glorious names of the honored Greeks of Ukraine. I am sure that this idea will finds its continuers in the future, and the book will be supplemented by new honored heroes which the Greek diaspora of Ukraine is so rich in.

I hope that this project will become not only the dear memory books for family, friends and those colleagues who already, unfortunately, is not present near to us, but it also will take the worthy place in the modern literature of this field.

Aleksandra Protsenko-Pichadzhi,
the Chairman of the Federation of Greek
Societies of Ukraine



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