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The structure of IAGE

International Association of Greek-entrepreneurs (IAGE) is the organization, the purpose of activity of which is to unite entrepreneurs of any nationality to protect their legitimate social and economic rights.

The structure of Association and its leading organs

Схема организационной структуры МАГП

1. The foundation of the Association is voluntary and equal members, self-government, legality and publicity.

2. Local offices make a basis of the Association. They carry out the work on the basis of Statutes which do not contradict the Charter of the Association and approve by the Board of the Association. Local offices elect the directing bodies at own meetings. Quantity of governing body, the form of its election, term of appointment, as well as the form of work are determined on meetings of local branches, and also Statute about them.

3. Meetings of delegates of the Association are the supreme governing body of the Association. They are convened once a year. The Board of the Association a month before meeting establishes time and a place of meetings, a rate of representation and an order of election of delegates. Extraordinary meetings are convened at the initiative of the Board of the Association or on request of not less third of local offices.

4. Meetings are considered competent in case of presence of two-thirds of the elected delegates. Decision is adopted if more, than half of present delegates has voted for it.

5. Meetings of the Association:

  • review and approve the Charter of the Association, make changes and additions to it;
  • elect the President of the Association, the Board of the Association and the Revision Committee;
  • define mainstreams of activity of the Association;
  • examine appeals on decisions of the Board of the Association;
  • hear and confirm reports of the President of the Association and the Revision Committee;
  • settle questions about the reorganization or liquidation of the Association;
  • realize the ownership on property and funds of the Association, delegating the right of disposal to the Association Board in the period between the congresses.

6. The Board of the Association is the governing body of the Association Between meetings. It is elected for three years. Quantitative composition of the Board of the Association is determined by the meeting. At the meeting of the Board of the Association the chairmen of regional/local offices are invited. They have a right of advisory vote.

The Board of the Association:

  • manages activity of the Association in the period between the congresses;
  • convene meetings of the Association, preliminary examines questions for meetings;
  • carries out an economic board property and facilities of the Association, creates the constant commissions, sections and units of lines of the activity for execution of tasks that face to the Association;
  • makes decisions on the establishment of local offices of the Association and co-ordinate their activities;
  • makes decisions on the stopping of activity of territorial branches;
  • approves the Regulations about local offices and the Revision Committee;
  • appoints an executive director;
  • approves the staff of the Executive Committee of the Association on the proposal of the Executive Director and approves the Statute about it;
  • approves a budget and estimate of expenses;
  • approves the standards of seal, stamps, emblems and other symbolic;
  • establishes the size of the entrance and membership fees;
  • examines complaints about an exception of the members of Association;
  • makes decisions on establishment of enterprises and organizations for support of execution of Regulations of the Statute of the Association;
  • considers other questions that follow from this Statute, with the exception of those assigned to the exclusive jurisdiction of the meetings.

7. Sessions of The Board of the Association are held not more than once in two months and are considered eligible if there are no less the two third councillors of the Association. Decisions of the Board of the Association are accepted by simple majority of votes.

8. The highest official of the Association is the President who is elected by the congress for three years. The President is both the Chairman of the Board of the Association.

President of the Association:

  • supervises the Association;
  • represents the Association in relations with state authorities, public national and international (non-governmental) organizations;
  • convenes and organizes the work of the Board of the Association;
  • provides execution of decisions of meeting of the Association;
  • as the first person has authority to sign of financial documents;
  • examines all other questions that relate to the activities of the Association.

9. Implementation of the executive functions is assigned to the Association Executive Committee, the employees of which work on contract basis.

Executive Committee of the Association:

  • ensure implementation of decisions of the Association Board;
  • constitutes the budget of the Association and submits it on the assertion of the Association Board;
  • ensures execution with financial and economic activities of the Association.

An executive director who works on contractual basis heads the Executive Committee of the Association. Executive Director:

  • carries out financial and economic functions to ensure the activities of the Association;
  • concludes economic contracts;
  • signs business documents and represents the Association on matters that fall within the competence of the Executive Committee;
  • appoints and dismisses staff of the Executive Committee of Association within the list of staff.

10. Revision Committee:

  • makes an audit of economic-financial activities of the Association;
  • prepares and submits the results of checks on meetings of the Association Board;
  • monitors the observance of the requirements of the Statute and other normative documents by the Association leading organs.

11. The Association and establishments and organizations created by it are obliged to conduct an operational accounting, statistical reporting, to register with the state tax administration and to make payments to the budget in the manner and amount prescribed by law.

The statement about Association structure is item from the Statute of IAGE. The complete text of the Statute can be downloaded here:

Statute of IAGE (Language: Russian) (0,07 MB, PDF)


or you can to read a copy of the document in the section Statute.



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